5 Things Every Nursing Student Should Know

Nursing school is not going to be easy. Your first year alone is going to bring on incredible amounts of stress to challenge your resolve. You will find that you don’t necessarily attend nursing school as much as survive it, but when you finally come to the end of your education, it will be a profoundly rewarding experience that has prepared you for a career in the medical profession.

You’re not there quite yet, so those of you incoming college freshman, as well as those of you who are contemplating applying to a nursing school, here are five things every nursing student should know before he or she embarks down this unique and enriching life path, whether you’re attending Boston University or earning Maryville’s dnp degree online

1. Seeing Things

You got into this profession to help people, human beings. The first thing to know is that you’re going to see a wide variety of very human bodily functions and maladies that some may consider downright nauseating. But you’ll be surprised at how quickly you get used to all of the puss, mucus, and bacteria that people contract and expel. Before long you’ll be talking about lancing boils over a hardboiled egg sandwich.

2. Nerves

You’re going to have them and there’s nothing wrong with it. In fact, it’s a sign you’re in the right place because you care. If you didn’t, you wouldn’t be nervous or frightened about doing well in school. You’re not the only one either, all of your classmates are just as off-kilter and afraid. Even the confident ones, they’re the most worried about succeeding. Embrace your nerves and let it be one of the ways in which you make new friends with colleagues and mentors alike.

3. Get Some Sleep

You’ve likely heard that you can kiss sleep goodbye during your time pursuing a nursing degree. But it’s important that you get as much rest as you can, despite all of the hectic expectations and demands weighing upon your shoulders at school. You have enough stress already, sleep deprivation will just aggravate it and cause more stress, along with lower performance and some modicum of impairment. These things can be very bad. So get some sleep.

4. Testing Your Limits

Learning about the human body and all of its strengths and weaknesses is also going to give you some insight into yourself. Introspection can be a big part of nursing school and you may find yourself testing your own limits. There are days where you will want to quit and days where it will seem like too much to handle any longer. These are the times where you will reveal your true character and learn how you deal with adversity and obstacles.

5. Never Forget

You will make it through this and, when you do, it is important that you remember what you endured to move forward. This will empower you with the knowledge to help those who come after you, so you can educate them, prevent them from making the same mistakes, and prepare them for the future.