All You Need To Know About Telecalling Jobs

Telecallers are the one who calls the potential customers with an aim to convince them to buy the product or service of their company. With good communication skill and entire knowledge about your company and its product service, you can become a good telecaller. Telecallers tasks differ from company to company as telemarketing means doing phone calls to advertise, sell a product, customer service or collect information of the prospects.A telecaller will either work in an inbound or outbound process.

Traits Of A Successful Telecaller

To be successful telecaller you need to firstly have good communication skills and a complete knowledge of your company product/service. Especially patience, especially when you are working in a customer service department. Problem-solving ability will also play a crucial role in your job. Moreover, having basic computer skills such as MS Word/MS Office and using the Internet and other computer application is a must for telecallers.

How Much A Telecaller Earns On An Average?

People doing telecaller jobs in Bengaluru, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai and other major cities in India earns anywhere between Rs 105,000 – 200,500 per year.

What Does It Take To Land A Telecaller Job?

Having a graduation degree from any stream is always beneficial for a telecaller who are looking out to grow in sales or marketing jobs. The minimum educational requirement to land a telecaller job is 12th (HSC) pass in most of the organization. Completion of professional courses in related fields can help you to bag a high paying telecaller job.

Challenges And How To Tackle Them?

Irate Customers

These type of customers are very difficult to handle, especially for freshers. With the right technique, you can handle them. Rule number one, patiently and attentively listen to their issue. Empathise them and guide them the fastest way to resolve their problem.

Long Calls

Some calls last go up to 30 minutes to an hour, maybe more than that. This happens mostly in service provider companies where their customers take time to understand. This becomes very tedious and irritating at times. All you can do is stay patient and try to make them understand in a very simple way.

Night Shifts

This is the major problem for aspirants and professionals who has to work in night shifts. As most of the telecalling jobs are found in BPO companies. Travelling is the major issue of working in night shifts, but for this many BPO companies have found a solution. They have a pick and drop facility for employees doing night shifts. This ensures their safety and convenience to travel back home. Every company having employees doing night shifts must provide their staff with this facility.

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