Help with Essay Writing

If you need some help to improve your essay writing, then you have chosen the right article!

Some Pieces of Advice About Essay

Do you feel that you need help writing an essay? This article will tell you how to write fantastic essays. Only a small change in your approach is all you need to be successful. More information can be access here All you need to write more successfully is stop doing the following.


Probably, there is no reason to cite the results of numerous studies that have proved that multitasking is extremely ineffective in most cases. Stop killing your performance.

Whenever you feel that writing an essay takes too much time, do not you spend most of it on correspondence with friends and viewing funny pictures or videos? If it’s common for you, it’s time to develop new habits. Set the timer, designate common targets and monitor the process.

The Pursuit of Excellence

The next hurdle that can steal your time and energy is your excessive desire for excellence. By the way, this may be one of the reasons for seeking help in writing an essay. The main symptoms are: a waste of too much time to choose a topic and a jam at the research stage. Here is a quick guide to overcoming perfectionism:

  • Cannot find a suitable topic? Close your eyes and poke your finger at random into the list of topics. The topic you are on is what you need. Slightly change it or direct it in the direction you need;
  • No relevant resources? Write that there are a lot of gaps in this field of knowledge at the moment, and discuss what you have found. Or, in the most difficult cases, look at the previous paragraph and change your topic, choosing something that will be easier for you to explore.

Using an Outdated Approach to Learning

Today we have mobile applications or programs for everything. You probably use apps to filter photos or select the best recipe. Why do not you use online tools to write an essay?

These types of applications and websites can make your life easier:

Ignoring the Conventional Structure

Trying to be more creative, students can sometimes use exceptional formatting skills in an essay to show their creativity.

In most cases, this is not productive, and the teachers will not appreciate your efforts.

The standard structure of the essay will work best:

  • Introduction;
  • 3 or more main points;
  • Conclusions.

Repetition of Ideas

Repeating the same ideas only for the required volume of text is a common mistake. Your conclusion should reflect your introduction, and this is the only place where repetition is justified.

Jumping from One Idea to Another

When working on an essay, it is worthwhile to help your readers understand your train of thought by including transitions between different sections. Even if the logical transition between sections seems obvious, do not forget to add this connecting element to dispel all possible doubts or misunderstandings.

Ignoring the Document Format

Fields, fonts, and line spacing matter. Be sure to follow the style guidelines for your manual or use accepted standards (unless your manager has other requirements):

  • Font: Arial or Times New Roman 12;
  • Interval: double;
  • Fields: 1 inch or 2.43 cm on all sides.

Neglect of Grammar

In some cases, a typo may spoil the impression of the whole document, so checking the text for errors is mandatory. The following checklist can help you:

  • Object and theme;
  • Pronouns;
  • Tenses;
  • Often confused words.

Punctuation Errors

The following checklist will help you significantly improve your punctuation. At any cost the following should be avoided:

  • Sentences from two or more parts, between which there is no correct union or punctuation;
  • Sentences with grammatical errors;
  • Punctuation errors.

Ignoring Stylistic Errors

Another reason why you might need help writing an essay is your writing style. Your primary task is to make your essay look like an academic document. These tips will help you to eliminate random flaws.

Avoid Unreasonable Language

For example: “Smoking is disgusting.”

Always support your opinion with substantial evidence or a quote.For example: “In 2014, the study confirmed that smoking is harmful to your lungs.”

We hope that you do not even read this line, because your project is now very close to perfection and you do not need any more help with the essay.