Preparing for an Awesome Summer Break

No time to explain – read the article and have the most amazing summer break ever! And don’t forget to tell your friends about it!

Have an Amazing and Meaningful Summer Break

When the warmth comes, only summer season has a strong association with lots of fun, relaxation and endless nights on the beach.  What is a summer break for most of people? Every summer of yours has its own story, memories and acquaintances, among which some will last for a few days and others may become your life-long friends and soulmates. No matter where you bring it, the most important is that you enjoy your summer vacation and feel no sadness about missing something.

Apart from riding the bikes and hanging around with friends, there are others magnificent things you may do during your few weeks of freedom and sunny mood.

Bear in mind some crucial tips to spend your summer the most productively and waste no single day for Netflix movies and ice cream buckets.

  1. Start planning ahead! The best summer will be a summer to be planned beforehand and not at the last minute. No doubts, last minute tickets to Barcelona or an intern position in a Birmingham museum of Art will be a great deal but with last minute call you will just have no time for a preparation! So, start researching now for not to regret about missed opportunity.
  2. Develop your insane style in clothes. As summer is a beach time, people have not so much clothes on. It is time you started experimenting with your wardrobe! Maybe it will influence your style in general and help you find yourself, who knows?
  3. Find a well-paid internship to get involved and earn some money plus experience. Who said a nice addition to your resume and a couple hundreds of dollars will be redundant? Go ahead and start searching for a passing internship position!
  4. Arrange a family vacation. It is so much fun to be with your closest ones together! Now, let’stake an amazing trip to the mountains and spend the nights in a tent with your family or have a ship cruise somewhere in Baltic Sea. Because spending time with a family is also very important and you should appreciate it greatly.
  5. Try some national cuisine of foreign countries. What can be better than amazing delicious food in summer? The possibilities are endless and if the prices are quite low, you may try more than dozens of different cuisines not even leaving the country! Thanks for our land for being so multinational.
  6. Volunteer at the festivals! It can be so much fun having a chance to help with your favorite festival and seeing the organization of it from inside! But also apply beforehand as the list of volunteers is being formed long before the festival itself.
  7. Travel with friends outside or across the country. Use old good couch surfing website combined with hitchhiking to find a place to stay and transport to move and adventurous mood and the tons of amazing stories are guaranteed!
  8. Learn a new language. No, we do not offer you to start coning again after you have deserved a little vacation. Or vice versa, for some people a vacation is a great opportunity to rest from reading and writing, and gives such an opportunity
  9. Start a new hobby.
  10. Meet old friends. Summer time is for reuniting with childhood and school friends, isn’t it? In case you study in a different city, you might miss your friends and relatives, who stayed in your hometown. Or maybe your friends have decided for another country and summer is the only season you can gather and recollect good days of the past years. Arrange a meeting somewhere in your beloved places and bring stuff that reminds you of past days.
  11. Have fun! No matter what you do and where you go – have fun and be happy! Your life doesn’t start where you want to be but where you are right now and how you feel yourself at the current moment.