Students’ Union as It Should Be

A crucial role for supporting the students’ well-being is played by students’ unions. Here is how it should function on the example of the situation in the UK. If you are student and you have some problems with writing essay, you should discuss it with team, professionals from this website will prove that everything is possible.

Students’ Union in the UK: Principles and Activity

Nobody can understand the students’ needs better than students themselves. Indeed, even though this sounds too clear, not all countries and universities consider this point. Students should be given the space and means for development and, under such circumstances, the fruits will come soon. No wonder, that countries, where a lot of attention are paid to the well-being of students, prosper in practically all spheres. Students are the future, and it is necessary to remember this.

In the article, we will show you how the students work for students in UK within the students’ unions.

What Is the Mission of Students’ Unions?

The main purpose of the organization is obviously representation of the students’ interests and the security of their rights and freedoms at the level of a certain educational institution as well as at the higher level including international one.

Does It Take Care of Amusement Organization?

Actually, the elected board members do not organize the amusement and any other events that are arranged by students for students. They hire people, who are assigned with arrangement of such events, but the basis of the student life is still Student Societies. There may be around 100 of them in a university, and they deal with dancing, music, debates, feministic discussions, sports, poker, writing, etc. Those societies take care of the development of the responsive branches of the educational institution’s leisure time options. What the Union does, is supports and develops the societies. Moreover, the members of the Students Societies make some financial contributions, what goes to the budget of the Students’ Union.

What About Its Budget?

Basically, the budget of such union varies from 2 to 3 million GBP annually. The effective representation and control of the activities of the union are kept due to the fact, that not only students are the board members. There also work the experts, who earlier worked in the sphere, or who have the permission from the students to be present to support their interests. This aids in wise division and management of costs. However, even here robberies took place.

What About the Head of the Union?

Among the 45 persons hired, there is the main position: the executive chief. They are tasked with the assignments and decisions made by the union’s government. Basically, they serve the students’ needs and make sure to implement the decisions in the best possible way. Surely, the executive chief has an appropriate salary. For example, the executive chief of the Northumbria Students’ Union earns 6.000 GBP, what is a few times more than the average salary in the UK, and is 4 times higher than the earning of the President of the Students’ Union. However, the significance of the work of executive chief is really worth that.

Salary for Members

Can students earn money not searching for a job outside their colleges? Sounds too good to be true. However, the board members have a right to get salaries. The thing is that to perform their duties at their best, the student who holds the position as a result of having won the elections pauses their studies for a year. This helps to devote most of their time serving the aim, and get the priceless experience, which will later help in the job search after graduation. The information concerning all the financial operations is included in the financial report, prepared by the audit company hired for this purpose.

Elections to the Union

The elections are taking place annually and every student of an educational institution has the right to vote. The candidates are free to advertise their positions before the elections. It is important to note, that every student has a possibility to vote online on the website of a union.

Do Such Students Union Have a Personal Space?

As far as the Northumbria Students’ Union is concerned, it occupies a 3-stored building. There are bars with low prices here, conference-halls, places for an individual work and reception, where everyone can get consulted by the appropriate employee. There is also a 24/7 phone line of students’ support.

To Crown Up

The effectiveness of education is majorly depended on the attitude towards students. Creating an appropriate environment, support and possibilities for development for students are the spheres worth investing it. Indeed, this investment will turn into an intelligent and progressive generation of past students, who are ready to work and make this world a better place.