Three Benefits Teamwork has on Troubled Teens

Troubled teenagers have programs available to help them as they vexatiously go through their adolescent transition into adulthood. The programs operate by the directives of academically and clinically skilled professionals who provide attention and support for disturbed youth to the degree of their needs. Team-building is useful to the recovery of a troubled teen from his or her destructive habits, debilitating cognitivity, and emotional reclusiveness as many programs tend to deal significantly with the concept of community. With engagement, the teen becomes immersed in a community of peers and a community of advocators.

There are three main advantages that teamwork and team-building exercises present for troubled teens:

  1. Cooperation – The teenager can learn how to be cooperative with rules, settings, authority, and peers.
  2. Communication – Communication skills can improve with higher rates of clarity and purposefulness.
  3. Trust – Teens can develop respect for developing healthy, trusting relationships with others.

Christian wilderness therapy is one way in which teenagers get exposed to nature, and environmental aspects in the most basic form. The great outdoors is used as a clinical tool. A program set up this way takes the child from their routine. Television, video games, smartphones, and tablets occupy much of a teenager’s interest and time nowadays. Although this kind of therapy varies from organization to organization, in general, the hope is that the change from everyday surroundings will facilitate a state of mind in the teen that is conducive to rehabilitation and change.

The outdoor therapy is a more uplifting, integrally spiritual and biopsychosocial experience for the teen than behavioral modifying therapies of boot camps. Boot camps can cancel out the community of care component of treatment within the program’s stringent rules and approach to treatment. In the wild, teamwork is encouraged through hikes, collecting wood for campfires or building shelter, cooking meals and other primitive tasks.

Another approach, especially with teenage boys who have life-struggling issues, is to place the young men in therapeutic boarding schools for troubled boys. In these results-driven institutions, just as with the wilderness therapy, the program brings about character enrichment, developmental progression, and steps toward maturity.

Should a Student Architect Be Able to Draw?

Is the ability to draw in the age of digital technology the need or excess? The dilemma of student architect will be considered in this article.

Should a Student Architect Be Able to Draw?

Many people, who study or already work in the field of architecture and design have a good command of graphic programs and do not know the freehand drawing well. We often hear that the drawing is not so important for the architect, it is enough to make an easy sketch and immediately go to the computer.

But how is this possible: an architect, who cannot draw? This is a programmer, let us call things by their own names.If students do not know how to draw, namely, to express themselves through such soft material as a pencil, it is terrible to imagine what will happen to them later in the metal or in concrete. Drawing is not an essay, because any academic work can easily be done by writers from

We are of the opinion that an architect should be able to draw no worse than an artist.What is the essence of the picture and what is it?

The picture, as a form of conveying the thought of the architect in the form of lines and spots on paper, expresses an understanding of the subject that the student (the future architect) draws from nature or represents as a certain image in his or her head, which must be quickly and accurately fixed on paper.

Symphony of Analogies

This can be compared to handwriting when writing words and sentences. Words consist of letters, and each letter has its own form, outline and direction. Writing is the same form of fixing of a certain thought, expressed in signs and symbols on a paper. Therefore, in order to reflect the idea more accurately and clearly, one must be able to write. But the less legibly written the word, the less clear it is, although it contains a meaning.

That is, so that it was possible to read, what information the author has enclosed in these forms, depicted on the sheet of papers, he or she needs to at least more clearly and legibly represent them. And if they cannot write, what then? How can they bring their thoughts to another person? It is not as easy as writing “who can write an essay for me” in the search box. It is necessary for them to master fully some way the expression, for example, the ability to fix their thoughts through the forms of letters, which begin to express the meaning embedded in them in a certain order.

Back to Picture

All this begins to resemble a pictorial method, which can also be called a drawing, that, in turn, greatly affects the mental activity of a human. How?To correctly depict a material object, it is necessary to study it.Thus, drawing becomes a method of analysis, reflections on paper, and therefore affects the brain activity of the painter. The sectors of logic, imagination, emotions are switched on.Then the question arises: what kind of material or tool will make it possible to quickly express an idea, a thought on paper, and reduce the distance of the transmission of thought from the inner world of human to the external one?

It can be, for example, pencil, charcoal or brush, as they are softer and with their help, you can easily transfer any thickness of the line. So, like in writing, a person must master the technique of this method – drawing.

On the Border with the Future

Why did the architect start to draw less with the advent of graphics programs? From our point of view, a person has not quite realized, what the essence of these new opportunities is. For example, in AutoCAD, you can accurately make a drawing, and this will save a lot of time than if it was done by hand. And in 3D Max, you can create a realistic model of the building and achieve its photorealistic image when calculating the visualization. All this sounds pretty good.But this is an inconvenient way to fix your idea, which is easier to quickly and accurately fix on paper with a simple pencil, and along with it a special emotional state or mood of the author.

If you look at a drawing or a quick sketch of an architect or an artist, you can see that the thought is given in a certain form – the image (symbol) with the inherent state, which the author was experiencing at that time. Any drawing is a kind of analysis and expression of a thought or an understanding of the subject that is being studied.

You can compare a child’s drawing of a tree, for example, with a drawing by an experienced artist. Since drawing is a method of analysis, accordingly, it develops not only human thinking but also a person’s ability to think creatively.

It is clear from this that the one who constantly draws from nature analyzes a lot and owns a large amount of information. Therefore, it can be concluded that the student must be able to draw, as well as to write, for better fixing and transmitting particular data.In other words, if people trust this computer, then they deprive themselves of the ability to develop thinking and creativity, which is the main function of human as a creator.

In conclusion, we can say that a computer is not even a tool at all, like a pencil since it “can think” – that is, just perform complex operations that you will give it to do for you, thereby freeing yourself from the ability to create. A pencil is just a “continuation of the hand”, and performs only one function – leaves behind it a line of the thickness you need.You first need to think about what kind of line you need to draw, and to convey with it a feeling because a person develops creatively in full measure when he or she not only thinks but feels. It is a single process in the organism.

This is our goal – to express not only information, but feeling.It is impossible to do this through a computer that only accurately performs complex operations and gives out exact numbers without any feeling. It deprives you of such an opportunity for creative development that is inseparably connected with inner feelings and experiences that are also difficult to express faithfully to paper without knowing the language of the drawing.

If the authors could not express themselves accurately in the picture, then what will remain of them after the computer? And what will people experience when they are in such a material world that is created by computer technologies and in which there is not a drop of spiritual creativity of the creator?

In other words, the architects must have the ability to draw if they want to transfer their image and idea to the fullest to the material world, and then to achieve the accuracy of its realization through the computer and other modern technologies.

How Can a Modern Student Become Literate?

The pressing problem of literacy is especially important in the field of automation of all written processes. Let us talk about this in our article.

How Can a Modern Student Become Literate?

We believe that it is the norm for students of philology to write correctly. But is literacy important for students of other specialties? Or is it simply enough to understand your business?By the way, about people who understand their business. If deadlines are near and you are ready to ask “write an essay for me” the first person you meet, take yourself in hand and go to the website But let us get back to the point at issue.

It often happens that the teacher can estimate low and even not accept at all deeply worked, but full of errors work, whether it be a report, abstract or message.And he or she will be right. It is a shame, but right.

The age-old principle “fine dress helps impress”simply act in this case. And the “dress” of the text is literacy. For a person, working with impeccably written scientific works for years, mistakes in other people’s texts become a real obstacle for understanding the meaning. A stable (and well-founded) stereotype “Illiterate, therefore, uncultured” will put the lid on.

Forward to Degradation

Alas, literacy of the population in many countries inexorably falls, especially if we talk about youth. An essential role in this was played by the so-called ” language of the Internet” and the desire to simplify and shorten words, “saving speech resources”. There are fewer and fewer people who wish to read the wise books.

So, the boundaries between right and wrong are blurred gradually, imperceptibly for ourselves, rooting and flowing into students’ works and other texts. It turns out that there is no profession in literacy, as well as in illiteracy. Being literate means being fluent in the richness of your native language in spoken and written form. And these riches are inexhaustible. We are voluntarily destroying these riches, we substitute them for words-cripples or even a taboo lexicon. It turns out that being literate today is not fashionable? And is feeble mind fashionable?

Speaking about how to increase literacy, it is difficult to give concrete advice. In this case, specific advice will look like excerpts from the code of grammar rules. After all, mistakes, like the handwriting itself, are individual for each person and lead their history from the school years. Literacy is a meticulous thing. And it will happily remember you once missed lesson, where you did not learn the theme of unstressed vowels in the root of the word. It will recall in the application for employment, in the CV or on the first page of the graduation project. Is there need to say that the author will appear in an unfavorable light?

Tablet from Illiteracy

There is no panacea for illiteracy, but there are several ways of increasing literacy and fighting against ingrained mistakes. Do not be shy or lazy to look into the dictionary if there are doubts. It is good if there is a spelling dictionary apart from the explanatory one on the shelf, as well as a dictionary of English difficulties, an accent dictionary and other.

It is better to buy a textbook that contains all sections of the modern English language course: vocabulary and phraseology, phonetics, phonology and orthoepy, graphics and orthography, word formation, morphology, syntax and punctuation. Or at least get the rules in the tables and, as with the dictionaries, more often look there.

Reading books increases literacy. However, we are not talking about reading the tabloid press, but long recognized, written in good literary language works.

When reading the intellect also increases together with literacy.Do not be offended if one calmly and politely points out mistakes in your text, corrects the mispronounced word.It will be much worse for you if one will do not do this.

At the end of this topic – a story from life. One day a person wrote a story and showed it to a friend. The first thing that the friend said after reading the work: “God, how many books it was necessary to read to be able to write this!”. A vivid illustration of the importance and value of reading books.

Is the Home Education a Good Way to Study?

Homeschooling becomes more and more popular from year to year. However, there are, as always, pluses and minuses of it.

Pros and Cons of Home Education

School years is one of the most important period in the life. During these years,a person learns to live in society, communicate and thus, some children are terrified about school. If the time at school for the child becomes awful for this reason, homeschooling can be necessary, but for most children school is something that has good and bad sides. Here you can find more information about homeschooling, its benefits, and advantages.

Psychology and School

For each child, school seems different: some of us used to like it, some not. For children, who are sociable and love to communicate, school is the place where they can feel absolutely happy. There are mostly extroverted children; however, other aspects can affect the attitude to school. Another thing, which can affect the attitude to school, is if two parents are working or kid has only one parent. In such case, homeschooling can be complex for both child and parents. Law of most countries do not obligate to take your child to school, but you must educate him or her.


When child study at home, he or she can get enough attention, as well as the feeling of safety. Those are the reasons why a home education may be good for a mental estate. In addition, you can find the individual way to communicate with each child for this reason when the child gets enough attention he/she will be more focused on subjects then getting attention from classmates and teacher. What is more, when children do not get enough attention they are seeking for it and try to get it in all ways, even by behaving badly.

Another plus is that children can follow their individual interests because you can see what is interesting for them mostly. It is better to give such opportunity when it comes to studies because studying only things that are not interesting or unnecessary can make the student depressed or even lead to the unstable mental state.


However, like always there cannot be only pluses of the homeschooling. There are many cons that stop parents from choosing homeschooling for their kids. Starting from the simple arguments on this matter that homeschooling can be quite expensive up to the arguments related to the psychological side.

Another argument, which is important, is  the lack of friends. While practicing homeschooling, children have only the  opportunity to talk to the  neighbor children but they do not learn to work together with other people and  to study  in a team.

However, the main minus is that such education is full-time for parents, they always need to have time for their children when it comes to studies and this can be quite hard. In addition, to know all subjects is unreal and for this reason, studying at school, children can probably get the better education. However, if parents are ready to spend a lot of money, it is possible to hire home tutors.

To conclude, there are pros and cons of homeschooling and it is up to parents you to choose what is better.

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Reduce Pre-Test Anxiety By Taking An LSAT Prep Course

Many law school forums, blogs, and books reference the law school admission test, or LSAT, and count it among the most challenging entrance examinations out there. While law schools like to use difficult standardized tests to better screen applicants, the test is not impossible; in fact, by breaking down the test’s structural pattern, it can be mastered with some time and effort. The better prepared you are, the better you’ll do — it’s as simple as that.

Contrary to the popular conception that the LSAT is composed of confusingly-worded questions in an impossible-to-comprehend structure, the experts at Quantum Test Prep conversely believe that the GMAT, LSAT, and GRE are all standardized tests, that ask standardized questions, based on standardized content, in a standardized format, with standardized answers. Visit to see how each section of the exam can be broken down into individual study modules, and how each module can be combined into a single comprehensive package.

Quantum instructors believe the best way to prepare for an exam like the LSAT is to use a standardized approach. In a Quantum LSAT prep course, students learn standardized techniques for answering all of the major question types, from logical reasoning to reading comprehension, in each section of the LSAT. Breaking down the test in this way reduces the LSAT from being an unapproachable behemoth to a manageable, achievable goal.

There are many benefits to taking an LSAT prep course, including reducing pre-test anxiety. When you follow an organized study plan, working with an instructor in a comprehensive classroom course or one-on-one, you know that you will get the results you need, in the areas you’re most concerned about. Before you even start a course at Quantum, you can take a free assessment that looks at how you did on the LSAT mock exam, and what your areas of improvement will be. And, if you don’t achieve your score goal when you take the exam, there is a free course repeat guarantee so you can do even better next time.

The LSAT is only one part of the law school application —most schools typically require an online application, letters of recommendation, a personal statement, and any other requirements unique to that school. But the great equalizer when it comes to applying to law school is the LSAT, so it pays to invest in a test prep course that takes the test as seriously as you do.

The best test preparation services offer courses that can be conveniently scheduled on weekends, so you can stay sane even as you complete the other components of your application. Scheduling a class for the weekend also frees up your weeknights for spending time with family and friends, or for polishing up the other elements of your application package. The best test prep centre in Toronto is one that gives you a 360-look at the exam so you come away knowing the exam inside and out.

Agile and Scrum Certification: What’s there in the store?

If you are job is a project management one or you are mainly working on software development then you need to consider the Agile & Scrum Certification. Becoming an Agile certified professional can help you in placing at the top in the IT sector. You can move fast over the career ladder and you would certainly have a feeling that you are in a fast pace spaceship while having the Agile and Scrum Certification. Even though are not an IT professional, the training you get from these certifications will help you in many ways in your professional life. Today one can find Agile programs to be a perfect customized option that is involved in business operation of some kind which include both the project management and marketing. It can help in improving your productivity along with increasing your team’s performance. Let’s check Agile and Scrum Certification and what these have for you as under:

What is Agile?

Talking about Agile, it refers to training of some unique methodologies and approaches towards effective software development & project management. The methods of Agile are often based on creating cross-functional, collaborative and self-organized teams. The techniques designed by the Agile parameters will help in leading a bigger team and thus get high performance and advanced efficiency. The methodologies are focused on producing smarter results rather than those who expected while using the conventional techniques. More importantly, training you get in Agile simply helps you and your organizations to cater the changing needs of your customers along with reducing the business risks, mitigate uncertainty, which is often caused due to varying market forces and thus increase the business ROI by relying more on the customer value.

What is scrum?

Many say that the world without scrum is impossible to sustain considering the fact that it has changed the world in the most drastic fashion. The reasons are obvious, the number of benefits the various organizations reap from its methodology or framework. If you have a sound knowledge about the project and the methodology you need to have a good foundation on which you end up comparing with other methodologies. Many of the experts feel project experience within the different departments of a number of organizations really make a great difference in managing the complex projects.

Understanding the Difference between ScrumMaster and PMI-ACP Certifications?

ScrumMaster is meant to test your knowledge about of Scrum, which has emerged out as a popular framework of Agile. However, for a majority of professionals who are keen on diversifying their skill sets and prove the fact that they have extensive Agile knowledge and skills to their prospective employers feel that the PMI-ACP certification is the best. The best part of PMI tests is that they asses the knowledge of a person on all the methodologies other than Scrum. Be it Lean, DSDM, XP and Kanban among the others. However, the PMI-ACP tests will also need you to have achieved a precise number of hours which is usually 2000 for handling real projects. Hence unlike ScrumMaster, it’s not only your knowledge, which is tested via passing the exam but at the same time your Agile skills too are tested; which is why its compulsory for you to attain the given project experience hours.

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Alternative Learning for Career Success

The concept of finishing high school and entering a four-year college may seem daunting to some people. They may not be good fits for the academic world, but these individuals still want a solid career. There are alternative, learning pathways that can lead to a good job. You simply need to understand those avenues and match them to your goals.

Enrolling in Trade Schools

Trade schools are starkly different than traditional colleges because students focus on the exact subjects that pertain to their major. Electronics technicians will learn about electrical and science theories, and English classes aren’t part of the curriculum. It’s possible to finish a trade-school program in less than two years, which is incredibly beneficial to adults looking for that next promotion. School, staff members often help graduating students find new jobs as well. This particular route to a solid career is so popular that dozens of schools are available in select cities across the nation.

Exploring the Real-Estate Market

If you’re good with people, a real-estate license might be a good fit. Look for real estate school in Las Vegas information as you consider different institutions. You’ll need to take certain classes that educate you on industry legalities and courtesies to customers. This particular career pathway takes some initiative because you’re primarily living on commission, but it can be lucrative if you’re dedicated to the sales arts. Make industry connections, and work your social-media outlets so that you can create as many sales as possible.

Becoming an Apprentice

There are still jobs in the world that have master-and-apprentice designations. Construction jobs, in particular, tend to have these hierarchies. If you’re interested in these manual arts, look for a master that might mentor you. You’ll receive minimal pay at first, but your experience translates into a higher wage as time goes by. Look for licensing or certification classes too. By being an official apprentice, you can swiftly move ahead.

Climbing the Corporate Ladder

It’s still possible to climb the corporate ladder without a college degree at first. Start at an entry-level position. Work your way up by proving yourself and applying for internal promotions. Be aware that some college experience might be necessary. Take advantage of online classes so that you can still work during the day. Finishing up just one class can help your cause as you look for that private-office position.

As you settle into any job position, take advantage of specific training classes that the company offers. Many businesses appreciate their employees, and they want to improve their performance with internal training. Use these classes as a way to shore up your resume because these details count as you move ahead in the near future.